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FAW Jiefang Audit Team Came to HL Company for Audit

  From September 19th to 20th, experts from the audit team of FAW Jiefang came to HL Company for on-site audit. General manager Bao Guangli, Deputy general manager Shi Yi, Zhang Baoxin, assistiant manager Li Chengxin and relevant department heads participated in the audit.

  On the morning of the 19th, HL held its first audit meeting. The audit team provided a detailed explanation of the key audit content and scope. Bao Guangli welcomed the arrival of the audit team and made specific arrangements for the work related to the next review stage. Subsequently, the audit team, accompanied by relevant personnel from the company, conducted on-site inspections of production site, quality management center and other departments, and reviewed relevant documents and files.

  At the final audit meeting held on 20th, the audit team reported the audit situation and pointed out the advantages and improvement steps of HL. General Bao Guangli, on behalf of the company, expressed gratitude to the audit team for their hard work over the past two days, as well as for their evaluation and recognition of HL's quality system, quality management, and other aspects. He pointed out that in response to the issues raised by the audit team, HL will sincerely accept and implement the rectification measures.

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