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HL Conducted Fire Safety Knowledge Training and Emergency drills

  To further enhance the safety awareness of all employees, prevent and reduce the occurrence of fire safety accidents, and improve the ability to self rescue and mutual rescue in case of accidents, on July 19th, HL carried out fire safety knowledge training and emergency drills in the company. 

  Deputy general manager Zheng Wenkui pointed out that fire safety is a major issue that concerns the interests of the company and the lives of employees. HL has always attached great importance to safety production work and has always incorporated fire safety into the company's management. At present, the company has established a fire safety management system and preventive measures, set up a volunteer fire brigade, hired part-time firefighters, and continuously strengthened employees' fire awareness and business level through various forms of training. Hidden dangers are more dangerous than visible flames, and prevention is stronger than disaster relief. It is hoped that participants can listen carefully to the lecture, actively learn fire safety knowledge, master basic fire safety skills, and put fire safety work into practice. All safety officers and part-time firefighters should strengthen their awareness of safety and fire protection, increase daily inspections, eliminate fire hazards, and safeguard the sustainable development of the enterprise.

  This lecture provides employees with a comprehensive explanation on fire management methods, escape and self rescue methods, and fire prevention knowledge. By watching videos of major fire accidents nationwide, analyzing the causes of fires, employees deeply realized the importance of mastering fire extinguishing measures and correct use of fire equipment.

  During the emergency drill, it also shows the precautions for fire rescue, and the way how to correctly use dry powder fire extinguishers and fire hoses.

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