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HL Company Held the Work Summary Report Meeting for the First Half of 2023

  On July 18th, HL held the work summary report meeting for the first half of 2023. President He Kehong presided over the meeting. The meeting reviewed and summarized the work achievements in the first half of the year, mobilized all cadres and employees to unify their thinking, clarify their goals, and strive to achieve the company's annual goals and tasks.

  At the meeting, the heads of each department reported on the completion of their work in the first half of the year in sequence; Based on the annual work arrangement of the company, the responsible executives made corresponding supplements and deployed key tasks for the department in charge in the second half of the year.

  After listening to the report, president He requested all departments to actively respond to the new situation, enhance confidence, take the initiative, find breakthroughs in the market, with a tenacious spirit of perseverance and the courage to open up new horizons in various work, and achieve new goals and achievements.

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