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HL Held a Comprehensive Management Meeting

  On the afternoon of July 7th, the company held the "July Comprehensive Management Meeting". Deputy general manager Zheng Wenkui presided over the meeting. Deputy general manager Wang Jingjun, general manager Liu Xingmin, as well as the main responsible persons of relevant departments attended the meeting.

  At the meeting, Gong Guangjun, reported on the completion of the company's production in June and the monthly performance evaluation projects, and arranged for the production plan indicators for July.

  Zheng Wenkui proposed four requirements for the production work in July.    

  Liu Wei reported on the implementation of the daily cleaning and settlement inspection of auxiliary materials in July.

  Liu Xingmin made suggestions on the daily cleaning and settlement of auxiliary materials.
  Subsequently, the "work permit" was issued in a ceremony.
  Finally, Liu Xingmin pointed out that the implementation of the work permit system in the production system is one of the company's key work arrangements in 2023, the most basic management work of the company's human resources, and also it is the means to promote talent training and operator skills, laying a solid foundation for the next step of the company to implement talent management and lean management 5G5 channel for employee career development.

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