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HL Company Held a Safety Production Summary Meeting for the First Half of 2023 -- Safety Accident Warning Education

  On July 7th, HL Company held a safety production summary meeting for the first half of 2023. General manager Yang Liping, deputy general manager Zheng Wenkui, and related persons in charge of safety in various departments attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zheng Wenkui.

  At the meeting, Wang Chenming from the Safety Supervision Department reviewed and summarized the safety production work in the first half of 2023 based on the company's fire protection, environmental protection, and other aspects.

  Wang Guiping from the Legal and Environmental Protection Department reported major safety accident cases nationwide in the first half of 2023. The attendees watched a safety accident video together, analyzed and discussed the causes of the accident, and expressed their thoughts and understanding based on the safety work of various departments.

  Yang Liping pointed out at the meeting that while ensuring production safety and fire safety, each unit should not neglect the health and safety of its employees. Department managers should effectively utilize their working hours, scientifically and reasonably arrange their work, effectively care for and pay attention to the physical and mental health of employees, and create a positive and healthy work atmosphere that combines work and rest.
  Yang Liping emphasized that enterprise safety is crucial. By carrying out safety production warning education activities, we can effectively enhance the awareness of various units in grasping safety work, address the root causes of paralyzed thinking and awareness issues that affect safety production, continuously strengthen the "red line" awareness of managers and all employees, ensure that safety is valued in thought and ensured in action, and provide strong safety guarantees for promoting high-quality development of enterprises in all aspects.
  Subsequently, Yang Liping made six specific arrangements for the next stage of safety warning education activities for various departments of the company.
  The company requires that all departments must do a good job in learning, promoting and improving the system of "safety education" in July, and enter the stage of "safety education" supervision and implementation in August. This "warning education" activity aims to achieve precise implementation, precise tracking and supervision. Each department should carefully plan, organize, and comprehensively implement. 
  Each department should attach great importance to the "Warning Education Month" activity, clearly assign dedicated personnel to be responsible, innovate forms, enrich content, and promote in an orderly manner. All departments should focus on three aspects: learning and education, warning and reminder, and responsibility implementation. While carrying out warning education, they should also strengthen the implementation of safety production responsibilities, effectively strengthen guidance and inspection efforts.

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