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HL Company Held the Promulgation and Publicity Study Meeting on ';Management Red Line System';

  On June 15th a.m., HL held the promulgation and publicity study meeting on 'Management Red Line System' , which is presided by HL president He Kehong. Company executives and department heads attended the meeting.

  At the meeting, He Kehong explained the background of the promulgation of the "Management Red Line System" of HL Company; The attendees jointly learned the specific content of this system.
  Subsequently, Mr. He proposed four suggestions for implementing the "Management Red Line System".
  He emphasized that all departments should seriously study the system, summarize previous work, and correctly guide employees, start from daily work, focus on details and behavior, to make it a conscious and self-discipline habit to do a good job and qualified products. Never touch and violate it.

  Finally, general manager Bao Guangli, proposed two requirements on how to implement the spirit of president He Kehong's speech.

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