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HL Company Held ERP Project Startup Meeting

  On June 2nd a.m., the ERP project startup meeting of was held, which was presided by vice general manager Wang Jingjun. HL president He Kehong as well as some senior executives, relevant department heads, and partners from Zhejiang Ruizhi ERP project team, jointly participated in this meeting. 

  At the meeting, Xu Yan, the project manager of Zhejiang Ruizhi, first gave a detailed introduction to the functional configuration, core goals, implementation phase, and promotion mode.

  Wang Jingjun provided a detailed explanation of the implementation content, basic module settings, and team functional division of the ERP project.

  Subsequently, deputy general manager Yao Jinguo gave a mobilization speech and proposed implementation suggestions on how to do well in ERP project construction.

  Dou Wei, the project director of Zhejiang Ruizhi, stated that as an ERP system professional organization, Ruizhi has over ten years of rich experience and believes that with the joint cooperation of both parties, it will successfully achieve the expected project goals.

  He Kehong expressed gratitude to Ruizhi for undertaking the construction of Hailin’s ERP project, affirmed the effectiveness of MES system operation, and expressed the expectation to Phase II project. He hoped that enterprise can achieve efficiency and promotion through ERP project. Finally, he proposed four requirements for the implementation of the ERP project.

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