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HL Company Held PLM Project Launch Meeting

  On May 23rd a.m., HL Company held a launch meeting for the PLM project. President He Kehong, deputy general manager Shi Yi, Zheng Wenkui, Zhang Baoxin, Wang Jingjun, and project team of Bipu Technology Company attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Shen Yanjun, director of R&D Center.

  At the meeting, Bipu Technology(Bipu for short) provided a detailed introduction to the implementation scope, content, plan, system, and necessary conditions for ensuring the success of the project. Zeng Lingwei, CEO of Bipu said that Bipu attaches great importance to HL’s PLM project, and they will make full efforts to make this project an industry benchmark, a model in the region, and contribute to HL's digital transformation.

  Shi Yi, on behalf of the company, proposed the implementation opinions of "one belief, two principles, and three requirements" to relevant departments. 

  He Kehong expressed gratitude to Bipu for attaching great importance and active promoting to PLM project. He pointed out that HL chose Bipu because of its technical strength and dedication, as well as the trust it has gained through early cooperation. After more than a year of preparation and on-site research, HL has now met the conditions for implementing the PLM project. In response to the current production situation and actual needs, HL has launched the PLM project, which uses a system to manage technical data, achieve technical services for production, and improve the overall product quality. Within the company, including the PLM project team, it is necessary to unify their understanding and actions, to do the project well, and to achieve success. The project team must have a deep understanding of the actual situation of HL, based on actual needs, build HL's own PLM framework, fully communicate to achieve comprehensive advance. It is believed that under the guidance and cooperation of Bipu, HL's PLM project can be implemented and completed as scheduled, and it will run very smoothly in the later stage. Hoping that all technical issues can be resolved after the implementation of PLM to ensure product quality and provide efficient services for production, in the meantime, it can play the role in reducing costs for production in new factories and under new conditions, and enhancing company competitiveness.

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