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General Manager of the Faw Jiefang Automotive Company Visit HL Company for Inspection and Exchange

  On May 16th, Ni Mouchun, general manager of Faw Jiefang Automotive Company visited HL for inspection and exchange. HL president He Kehong warmly received him.

  Ni and entourages visited the exhibition hall and had a detailed understanding of HL's historical evolution, production and operation, product types, market layout, application of “three modernizations”, and future planning. Later, they also had a look at the MES information intelligent large screen, smart energy control large screen, measurement room, life testing room, and production plants. During the research process, the visiting team observed the lean production site in the workshop, the intelligent transportation system, and the operation of new CNC production equipment. Two sides conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on product quality testing, process assurance and stability control, innovative projects for bearing research and development, and energy recycling.

  Subsequently, at the symposium, Ni Mouchun firmed and praised the management system, digital application, the production site management, and the product variety. At the same time, he emphasized that FAW Jiefang always adheres to an open attitude in cooperation, choosing partners with strong professionalism, stable and reliable quality, and comprehensive product types. He also said that FAW Jiefang looks forward to reaching a strategic cooperation intention between the two sides with characteristic areas such as wheel hub units as the entry point. At the appropriate time, both parties can appoint relevant professionals to conduct further exchanges and inspections, hoping to reach consensus and facilitate cooperation in various aspects such as technical research capabilities, cost control systems, and regional transportation, in order to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

  President He gave a comprehensive introduction to the basic situation and advantages of the enterprise. He stated that with the adjustment of product structure, HL always hopes to seek more new strategic partners in the domestic market. FAW Jiefang Company enjoys a high reputation in China, and HL is very looking forward to exploring cooperation mechanisms in the relevant industry chain fields of both parties, establishing cooperative relationships in project development, product service and other aspects to achieve win-win development.
  Through this exchange, a solid foundation has been laid for further cooperation between the two parties.

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