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NGC Group Visit HL for Research

  On May 10th, procurement personnel and technician engineers of NGC visited HL company for research. HL’s deputy general manager Zhang Baoxin, assistant Li Chengxin, and relevant person from the domestic marketing department accompanied the research.

  The research team visited the company's digital exhibition hall, MES information intelligent terminal screen, and the production site of plant 3 successively, gaining a detailed understanding of the company's business philosophy, output value scale, product research and development, "three modernizations" application, strategic planning, and other aspects. During the research period, leaders from both sides conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on issues such as product manufacturing processes, process requirements, and quality control.

After the visit, HL invited their engineer to conduct a professional training on wind power knowledge to HLs’ employees of several departments. 
  This training mainly focused on the application, structure, relevant standards of the yaw pitch gearboxs, and NGC bearing procurement technical specifications, giving the attendants a comprehensive and systematic explanation of wind power knowledge. Through training and exchange between enterprises, it further enhanced mutual understanding, accelerated business expansion, and laid a solid foundation for achieving mutual development and mutual benefit.

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