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High-end Talent Collaborative Innovation Base-HL Company

  On May 5th p.m., the granting ceremony of HL’s the high-end talent collaborative innovation base was held.Senior executives and department heads attended the granting ceremony.
  Chairman of Tianshui Municipal Science and Technology Association(TMSTA for short),Li Fengqi fully acknowledged HL's achievements in scientific research in recent years, and hopes that HL and TMSTA will further strengthen cooperation and closely cooperate in talent introduction, scientific research innovation and other aspects. He stated that TMSTA will continue to increase its support for the scientific research work of HL, providing strong policy guarantees in project application, selection and recognition, talent introduction, and other aspects, so that the achievements of scientific and technological innovation can benefit the vast workforce; Yuan Zhengrong read out the approval of high-end talents collaborative innovation bases in 26 units.
  HL deputy general manager Shi Yi stated that HL will take the implementation of the "Three Grasps and Three Promotions" action as the starting point, and take the establishment of collaborative innovation base as a new opportunity to effectively promote enterprise technology research and achievement transformation, and attain new results in technology leadership, talent innovation, and the integration of industry, academia, and research.
  On behalf of the company, Bao Guangli expressed gratitude to TMSTA for its long-term care and support for the development of the enterprise. He stated that HL will fully leverage the platform role of the collaborative innovation base, and at the same time, leverage the high-end intellectual resources of TMSTA to break through strategic ideas through the collaborative innovation base platform.In this way, the enterprise will go ahead of the industry and better promote the company's development; He hopes that TMSTA can continue to pay attention to the development of enterprises, especially providing strong support for the introduction of high-level talents and high-end intellectual resources, and promoting high-quality development of enterprises through technological innovation.

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