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HL Company Carried out Psychological Counseling Training

  In order to make full use of the extra spare time caused by the recent insufficient load production, effectively relieve the psychological shadow caused by the long-term non-stop epidemic prevention, adjust or eliminate the negative mood and mental state, cultivate a positive, sunny and confident attitude of employees, establish a positive attitude to improve team cohesion and combat effectiveness in the whole company. Since November 18, the Human Resources Department of the Company has organized all employees of four plants to carry out psychological counseling and training with the theme of "reducing internal friction and empowering the heart" in batches on Saturday. Chen Honghong, lecturer of Tianshui Psychological Counselors Association and national second-class psychological consultant, was the keynote speaker of this training. General manager Bao Guangli attended the opening ceremony.
  At the training meeting, general manager Bao Guangli encouraged all students to seize the opportunity of this training, listen carefully, make notes to understand and absorb the contents, actively interact with teacher, apply what they have learned to achieve actual results, improve themselves, and devote themselves to their own lives and work with healthy psychology and abundant energy, and wished this training a complete success.
  It is estimated that 726 employees will be trained, which will be divided into 6 classes (2 hours each class) in stages. And till December 3, the psychological counseling training will be completed.

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