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Inspect Professional Skills and Improve Product Quality——Products Appearance Inspection Technician Skills Competition Officially Opened

  In October 18 p.m, the skill competition for products appearance inspection jointly organized by Quality Management Center and Human Resources Department of the company was officially opened. Deputy general manager Zhang Baoxin, the middle managers of Quality Management Center, the package line engineers, the middle managers of plant 3 and 4, all the technical team members, the relevant heads of the H&R department, the judges and the participants' representatives attended the opening ceremony. The activity was hosted by Wang Xiaolai, deputy director of Quality Management Center.
  Before the competition, deputy director of H&R department Wen Tao, announced the rules and requirements of the competition. Wang Jingru made an oath on behalf of the referee team, and Yang Yacun made a commitment on behalf of the competitors.
  Later, Zhang Baoxin delivered a speech. He said that this competition aims to comprehensively assess the skill level of the product appearance inspection personnel, select excellent technicians through the form of survival. HL company will issue job certificates to those who have qualified professional skills. In the future, the system of working with certificates will be fully implemented, so as to build a platform for outstanding employees to play their professional skills and enhance their sense of honor and responsibility. It is hoped that all employees cherish the opportunity, actively participate in the competition, and gain something through the competition, so as to better control the quality of HL’s products and contribute to its high-quality development. Finally, on behalf of the company, Zhang wished all the contestants in the competition to play a normal role and achieve excellent results.
  It is reported that the competition lasts for two days, and the overall assessment is mainly conducted from four aspects: general knowledge examination (written examination), standard action specifications, identification of appearance defects, and appearance inspection time.

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