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Vice-governor Li Peixing Came to HL for Investigation

  On September 28 a.m, vice-governor Li Peixing and his entourage team came to HL for investigation. HL president He Kehong, general manager Bao Guangli, vice general manager Shi Yi and Yao Jinguo accompanied the inspection team to visit the production site. After listening to president He's introduction about production, market sales, technology research and other aspects of company, Mr. Li put forward guidance suggestion and comments for accelerating the high-quality development.
  Mr. Li pointed out that HL should unswervingly strengthen and expand its main bearing business. With more than 50 years development, HL has rich experience in the field of tapered roller bearings, which is HL's advantage. It is necessary to make full use of and inheriting these advantages, deeply cultivating the field of bearings, and strengthening the "golden signboard" of HL Bearing. HL has embarked on the road of transformation and development, in the process of transformation, HL must do a good job in bearing production and operation considering the transformation under the premise of the main business. At the same time, it is necessary to actively respond to the call of the province "strengthen the leading enterprises, supplement the chains, and gather groups", drive the coordinated development of the regional economy, and inject impetus into the next development of the enterprise.
  Mr. Li also emphasized that enterprises have made considerable progress in equipment, technology, quality and other aspects through transformation and development. The only thing that is lacking now is the market. The next step is to focus on market demand, concentrate efforts to seize the market, give play to the leading role of the market, win the market recognition with high-quality products, and at the same time further promote the update of enterprise technology through market orientation, and promote enterprises to enter a virtuous circle. As a representative enterprise of industrial transformation and upgrading in Tianshui area, HL has been at the forefront in the transformation of "Three Modernizations". It is necessary to continue to tap the powerful role of digital applications in enterprises, and to further improve efficiency, reduce costs and expand production capacity through digital empowerment, to provide a strong guarantee for the high-quality development of enterprises. Simultaneously, it has to refine and solidify the effective experience and practices, and lead the progress and development of the "Three Modernizations" in Tianshui and even the northwest region.

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