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Prevent Trouble from "Burning"——Hailin Company Carried out the First Special Training on Fire Safety Knowledge in 2022

  June in 2022 is the 21st national "Safety Production Month". In order to carry out the "Safety Production Month" publicity activities, widely publicize fire safety knowledge, make every effort to strengthen the company's fire safety work, comprehensively improve employees' fire safety awareness, and prevent fire accidents happened. On June 21st, Hailin company invited Zhang Xiaolong, the fire instructor of the Tianshui Center of the Lanzhou Zhengan Fire Prevention Knowledge Publicity Center, to conduct a special training on fire safety knowledge for the majority of employees. General manager Bao Guangli, deputy general managers Yang Liping, Zheng Wenkui, Zhang Baoxin, assistants Wang Jingjun, Zhang Wenquan, all middle-level managers and relevant personnel from various departments attended the training meeting. The meeting was presided over by Zhang Wenquan.

  During the training, Instructor Zhang explained the potential fire hazards and the harm of fire based on the fire cases in recent years. By broadcasting the fire cases, the majority of employees paid attention to the fire cases and took the initiative to prevent fire safety. At the same time, he explained the common sense of fire safety, the prevention of fire, how to self-rescue and evacuate, and the correct use of fire-fighting equipment.

  Zhang Wenquan put forward 4 requirements for this training.
  Through this training, a good production safety atmosphere has been created for the company, and the safety production awareness and self-rescue and escape skills of the majority of employees have been further improved, as well as the emergency skills level of dealing with safety accidents, which has provided a guarantee for the company to create a good fire safety environment. .

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