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HL Company Conducted a Lean Management Pre-audit Meeting

  From June 16th to 17th, the Lingong lean management team carried out audit and guidance on HL's three major lean management modules, including just-in-time production, manufacturing quality, and continuous improvement. Lingong lean expert, Zang Bo , chief engineer Li He, and Hu Yang are responsible for the review and guidance. HL deputy general manager and chief engineer Shi Yi, deputy general managers Zheng Wenkui and Zhang Baoxin, general manager assistant Wang Jingjun, and the heads of relevant modules and branch factories participated in the meeting. 
  The modules heads of lean management reported to the lean expert on the lean module promotion work in charge, and the lean expert commented on the company's lean work according to the LPS review and evaluation guide, which further deepened the modules leader's understanding of lean management.

  On June 17th p.m., summary meeting was held. All the company's modules leaders, the top leaders of each branch, and the technical quality director of the branch attended the meeting. At the meeting, expert Zang Bo mainly explained and guided the overall situation of HL Lean 1.0 pre-review, the formal review process of Lingong, and the production points of relevant reporting materials.

  Mr. Shi Yi, firstly expressed his heartfelt thanks to the lean expert group for their careful guidance. Then Mr. Shi pointed out that the lean management work is a key task determined by the company in 2022. This pre-audit is a preliminary preparation for the final audit of lean 1.0 at the end of the month. Mr. Shi said that the current lean management work of each unit has gradually entered the right track and  carried out normalized promotion, requiring the module leaders and each branch to continuously enhance, learn from lean management to improve efficiency, make improvements, reduce costs, further consolidate the management foundation, and play a good role as a team to promote lean management work and the development of various undertakings of the enterprise.

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