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Improve Network Security Awareness and Strengthen Network Security Protection——HL Company Conducted Network Information Security Training Session

  In order to further enhance employees' awareness of network security and improve their network security prevention skills, HL company organized a network information security training session on May 17. More than 110 people including company executives, all middle-level managers, and the whole information center team participated in the training.
  HL company invited Guo Jianming, Dean of the Information Engineering College of Gansu Electromechanical Vocational and Technical College, to give a lecture. Mr. Guo focused on the basic knowledge of information network security, laws and regulations of information network security, sense of information network security, the impact of information network security on the company, the case of enterprise information network security, the protection of enterprise information network security, construction of enterprise information network security management system, gave a in-depth analysis of the current network security situation; emphasizing that all employees should effectively improve network security awareness, and do a good job in network security prevention work; and analyzed the reason of the problem and the harm caused vividly and carefully with the help of specific cases, conveyed the idea of "network security is not trivial matter" to the trainees.

  With strong pertinence, practicability and operability, this training further improved the employees’ knowledge system about network information security, enhanced the awareness of network information security, and laid a solid foundation for comprehensively promoting the long-term development of the company's network security work. 

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