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Governor Ren Zhenhe and His Party Came to HL Company for Investigation and Research

  On March 16 a.m, Governor Ren Zhenhe and his party came to HL company for investigation. President He Kehong, general manager Bao Guangli and Zhang Wenquan accompanied the investigation.
  Mr. Ren and his entourage visited company's digital exhibition hall, the MES intelligent terminal screen of the production office, the smart energy control screen of the energy management center, and plant 3. During the visit, Mr. Ren had a detailed understanding of the HL's development history, business performance, main products, sales market, future development direction, and the transformation of three modernizations. He pointed out that under the background of "strengthen industry, strengthen science & technology, strengthen the county", we must carry forward the "three-line spirit" and "HL spirit", make full use of favorable opportunities, deeply implement the "three modernization transformation", accelerate the optimization and upgrading of product structure, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprise, so as to win the broader market.
  At the same time, it is necessary to play the core role of "chain", strengthen the cooperation and exchanges with technologically superior enterprises, master core technologies, break technical barriers, strengthen enterprise advantages and use enterprise advantages to expand scale, with scale advantages, break through restrictions on enterprise growth in one fell swoop. And truly make enterprise stronger and bigger, and promote the coordinated development of the regional economy.

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