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HL Organized a Staff Speech Contest Titled “Remain True to the Original Aspiration, Praise the Motherland ”

   On the afternoon of November 23rd, HL held the staff speech contest titled “Remain True to the Original Aspiration, Praise the Motherland ” in the conference room. HL’s executives, all party branch secretaries, trade union chairman, staff representatives and 2019 new college students totally more than 90 people attended to watch the competition.

  The 14 contestants who participated in the speech competition gave a keynote speech in turn. They took the development of the motherland, the enterprise as the main line, "stick to the original heart, do not dishonor the mission" as the final foothold, with fully affectionate, expressed their love for the motherland. In the speech, the contestants from multi-level and multi-angle presented the theme that ordinary workers and enterprises grew together and worked hard to make progress with the new era, and called on all staff and workers to stand on their posts, adhere to the original heart and mission to make contribution to the HL’s continuous development. The contestants' wonderful speeches resonated with the audience and won applause again and again.

  Finally, the quality management center Yang Yanxia, the international business department Peng Qian, the market management department Niu Li won the third prize in this competition; the international business department Liu Miao, Lin Pengguo, the boutique branch of grinding plant Li Cunwu won the second prize; the asset finance department contestant Li Yuanhan won the first prize for the wonderful speech entitled "working and making progress with the motherland and keeping  same development with the enterprise".

  In the gap of the speech contest, The award list of staff photography competition for celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding was announced. Liu Wenhao's work "smile of tomorrow" awarded the first prize; Zhong Hongyan’s work and Xie Zhuandi’s work won the second prize; the work"team building" of the international business department Xie Xingyou, the work of Cheng Xiaojun and Wang Dongxiao obtained the third prize.

  At last, HL’s leaders respectively issued the honor certificate and prize to the winning players of the photography competition and the speech contest.

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