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HL Held the Grinding Skill Competition on Bearing Cone

  On the morning of October 22nd, the opening ceremony of the 2019 grinding skill competition on working procedures of the inner ring was held in the hardcover branch of grinding factory. Those attended the opening ceremony including general manager Bao Guangli, chairman of the trade union, deputy general manager Feng Jun, the middle-level manager of the relevant departments, the contestants and their team leaders as well as the referees .

  At the ceremony, Mr. Bao first gave a speech to the skills contest. Mr. Bao hoped that all contestants could take it seriously and show their best level. Service departments and staff should play a good role in coordinating service and creating an equitable and fair competition environment. Subsequently, chairman Feng announced the opening of the competition.

  After fierce competition, the hardcover branch won the prize of group skills competition with a total score of 304.3 points. Du Mingming, the inner diameter producer from the boutique branch of grinding factory, won the first place in personal skills practice, Ma Wenwen, the raceway producer from the hardcover branch, and Zhang Chengquan, the inner diameter producer from the hardcover branch, respectively won the second and third place in personal skills practice.

HL company awarded bonuses and certificates to the award-winning team and individuals in the conference room on the afternoon of November 4th. General manager Bao Guangli, deputy general manager Li Tao, assistant of general manager Wang Jingjun, top leaders of production branches, and key responsible persons of relevant departments joined the awarding ceremony.

  At the meeting, Mr. Bao announced winning list, then the leaders awarded the honorary certificates and the bonus for the winning teams and individuals.

  The skill competition successfully came to a close.

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