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Wheel Hub Automatic Assembly Line and Test Machines Installed and Formally Put into Production

   China has become the world's largest automobile producer and the world's largest automobile consumer, it is a great hub production country in the world and has larger export share. The car rear market is facing a historic development opportunity. In 2018, the number of cars in China reached 240 million, and china has been the world's first car sales country for eight years in a row, when the car repair and maintenance will usher in the peak period. With the gradual maturity of China's automobile market and the gradual release of the development potential of the after-sale market, the position of accessories business in the future development strategy of the whole car enterprises will gradually enhance, and will become one of the key areas of market competition someday. In the mature markets of Europe and the United States, accessories business has become one of the most important sources of income and profit for automobile manufacturers, automobile hub assembly is one of the most important parts and components in automobile, and its related market will flourish in the future. At present, under the background of advocating "green, environmental protection, energy saving, low carbon", automobile wheel hub not only realizes the functions of bearing and transmission, but also shoulders the mission of energy saving and emission reduction and green environmental protection. Through the implementation of this project, the localization of truck hub assembly products and key components will greatly enhance the industrial diversification of enterprises, so as to promote the adjustment of the product structure of the company in an orderly manner, to meet the market demand, enhance the market competitiveness, promote the rapid development of the enterprise, and make its own contribution to the development of the northwest area and the Gansu province.

  HL pre-adjusted wheel hub assembly, which can meet the needs of high reliability, long life and maintenance-free development of the hub assembly, will greatly improve the running stability and service life of the axle bearing system, reduce the maintenance cost of the main engine, at the same time, enrich the variety of the company's products, shorten the gap with foreign countries and industries and promote the localization process of the maintenance-free hub assembly.

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