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HL Held the Third Quarter Work Summary Report Meeting in 2019

  On the afternoon of October 14th, HL held a work summary on the third quarter of 2019 in the conference room on the north building. Company executives, and all middle managers totally more than 70 people attended the meeting. President He Kehong presided over the meeting.

  At the meeting, the top leaders in turn summarized the work of the department in the third quarter and gave a report on the work arrangement in the fourth quarter, those who are from Market Management Department, International Business Department, Production Planning Office, Production Outsourcing Office, Security Technology Office, Technology Research and Development Center, Quality Management Center, Economic Management Office, Asset Finance Department, Human Resources Department, Equipment Department, Material Supply Department, Project Planning Office, and the office of project “out of city and into industrial park”. Subsequently, the executives in charge of each department made a supplementary explanation of the work in the third quarter, and made specific requests for the work of each department in the fourth quarter. After the senior executives' speeches, president He pointed out the bright spots of each department’s work and also the existing problems. Eventually he put forward specific requirements for the next stage work in each department.

  At the end of the report, president He Kehong made three comments and requirements on how to carry out the four-quarter production operation and the two key work of the project “out of city and into industrial park.” First, all the administrators should concentrate on the production and operation, and make a good plan for the development of the enterprise. To keep in mind that the interests of the workers and the development of the enterprise is the "The first heart and the mission" of HL persons. Each administrator shall have a sense of danger and a sense of responsibility. All work shall be carried out around the two key work of this year. The principal contradiction shall be well managed, the main objectives shall be fulfilled, and do not deviate from the main line of the enterprise. It is necessary to focus on all the power to achieve the goals and work tasks; Second, pay attention to the system fulfillment, forming systematic management model and achieving the goal of "the first brand of tapered roller bearing in China " through system management and details control; Third, around the project work of “out of city and into industrial park”, each unit should have a certain position in thought, unify understanding and emancipate the mind, striving to realize the "three modernizations" (that is, digitization, intelligence and greening) after project, thoroughly complete the "Eight Goals", and make unremitting efforts to complete the "hundred years plan" of HL.

  Finally, president He commented that the project work of entering the industrial park has now been in the most critical stage, the responsibilities faced by HL people are of great importance. Administrators at all levels should shoulder their own responsibilities and ensure that production and management cannot be relaxed. Throughout the year, the management indicators must be achieved. Simultaneously, step by step, smoothly proceed the project work according to the plan, and continue to move forward to the goal of HL transformation and upgrading.

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