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HL Conducted a Training of Improving Official Document Writing Skills

   On the afternoon of September 7th, HL held a training of “Public Writing Skills Improvement” in the conference room in north building, and hired an excellent external lecturer, Yan Jun, to give lectures. A total of 150 people including senior and middle-level managers and staff from relevant branch offices participated in the training. Through this training, everyone understands the basic concepts of official documents, the technical requirements and formats of official documents, which can greatly promote the company's daily external and internal official writing and improve the practical skills of employees' official writing.

   The writing ability of official documents is one of the important yardsticks to evaluate the professional quality of enterprise employees. Good official documents have clear theme, clear organization, standardized format, accurate expression and strict word chapter. It is not only an important part of modern enterprise management, but also an important guarantee factor to carry out the implementation of enterprises.

  In today's knowledge-based economy era, the writing ability of official documents is no longer limited to writing workers, but managers in enterprises also need to improve their writing ability. In the face of the requirements of the leadership, often do not know how to write? How to sum up the work you've done for a year? At the beginning of the year, how to make a good new year's work plan? Use a request or a report?  Use a notice or a letter? Are the commonly used official documents in the correct format? Is the writing standardized? Is the language appropriate? What does it say in the book? What is the experience? What are the special rules within the enterprise? Ms. Yan Jun gave you a deep explanation with these questions, and listed a large number of representative examples of official documents to illustrate the importance of standardizing official document writing so that the training staff benefits infinitely.

   After the training, the satisfaction questionnaire was drawn up through the questionnaire network. Everyone was very satisfied with the training and sincerely hope that there would be more such trainings organized in the future.

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