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HL Held the 2019 College Student Induction Training Summary Meeting

  On the afternoon of July 19th, HL held the 2019 college induction training summary meeting in the east building conference room. General manager Bao Guangli, director of human resources Zhang Bin, vice minister Gong Guangjun, Zhao Airu, training teacher Chen Zhou and 36 new incoming college students attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Bin.

  At the meeting, Chen Zhou, the training teacher of the Human Resources Department, made a report summary of the college students' induction training in 2019, vice minister Gong Guangjun announced the departments assignment of the trainees, Minister Zhang Bin announced the list of winners of the training exams. Subsequently, general manager Bao Guangli and middle-level manager of the human resources department awarded the prize to the winners. Finally, the award-winning representative Cheng Hao, spoke on behalf of the college students.

  At the end, manager Bao had a discussion and thoughts exchange with the students, and put forward 8 requirements and hopes for college students. First, from now on, everyone should finished the transfer from school to work, there’s needs to change their mindset, change their minds, change their ideas, and change their roles at the same time. Second, welcome everybody come to HL. It is necessary to establish the thought to be loyal to enterprise and aspire to take root in HL. Third, I hope that everyone will strengthen their study and adapt to their positions as soon as possible. Fourth, everyone must set a goal for yourself, keep progress and show yourself. Fifth, while strengthening own skills, remember to learn to be a good and thoughtful person. Sixth, learn to be persistent no matter what you do, persistence is victory, those who has achievements in work are both good at persisting. Seventh, communicate with colleagues and leaders. Eighth, be able to self-analyze, self-regulate. Besides I hope al of you can take care of yourselves, HL will try its best to take care of each of you.

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