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HL’s Party Committee Held the Commendation Meeting for the "Outstanding Party Member Pioneer Post" In the Second Quarter of 2019

  On the afternoon of July 19th, HL’s party committee held a commendation meeting for the "Outstanding Party Member Pioneer Post" in the second quarter of 2019 in the activity room of the Party Committee. Party secretary and deputy general manager Zhang Yuesheng, chairman of the Labor Union and deputy general manager Feng Jun, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, deputy general manager Yang Liping, and 10 winners of the “Outstanding Party Member Pioneer Post” attended the meeting.

  At the meeting, secretary Zhang explained the selection situation of the "Outstanding Party Member Pioneer Post" in the second quarter of 2019, and affirmed the efforts of the "Outstanding Party Member Pioneer Post" who was commended in the second quarter. Then, Wang Bin of the international business department, Li Jianqiang of the grinding branch, and Zhang Hui of the quality management center respectively talked about their efforts in the first half of the year, and made statements in conjunction with the actual work.

  After the speech, secretary Zhang put forward three requirements for ten "excellent party members":

  1.As an "excellent party member pioneer", we must highlight political attributes, firmly establish "four consciousnesses" and strengthen "four self-confidences" and resolutely achieve "two maintenances", strengthen political and theoretical learning, and constantly improve ourselves.

  2. All of "Outstanding Party Member Pioneer" must continue to strive for excellence, play an exemplary role in the work and lead the ambient staff, learn and tend to advance. Everyone should strive to be a pioneer, and strive for outstanding performance based on the post.

  3. “Out of city, into industrial park” project is a rare opportunity for Hailin. As an outstanding party member, we must seize the opportunity and strive for the upper reaches. Do the work better, complete the task faster, and make your own contribution to the development of the enterprise.

  Finally, all leaders awarded prizes to the award-winning employees and took a group photo together.

  The winners of "excellent party members pioneers" in the second quarter of 2019 include the production quality pioneer - grinding branch Li Jianqiang, Wang Weiwei, roller branch Jia Junbing, turning plant Shi Jianhua, forging plant Chen Junfeng, heat treatment plant Cheng Xin, Quality Management Center Zhang Hui; sales pioneer - international business department Wang Bin, marketing management department Gou Heping; service pioneer - machine processing branch Yang Dong.

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