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HL Held the Staff Tug of War to Celebrate the Labor Day and Youth Day

   In order to revitalize the amateur cultural life of employees, HL organized the staff tug of war competitions on May 10th and May 13th to celebrate International Labor Day and Youth Day. A total of 8 teams composed of grassroots units participated in the competition. After the group draw, the elimination game was carried out on May 10th. The winning four teams were again grouped for the semi-finals on May 13th. Through the semi-final, the high-quality branch team of grinding plant and the roller branch team won respectively and entered the championship battle; the quality and technical united team competed with the united team of forging, turning, heat treatment and machining branch for the third place.

   After a fierce competition, the high-quality branch team of grinding plant won the championship, the roller factory team won the runner-up, and the quality and technical united team won the third place. After the game, HL’s leaders awarded trophies and prizes to the winners.

   During the competition, the participating players made concerted efforts to cheer for their colleagues. The cheers and laughter came over one another. The atmosphere was very positive and enthusiastic, and fully reflected the spirit of teamwork and high morale, which demonstrated Hailin people's captivation.

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