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CRRC Group Inspection Team Came to HL for Field Inspection

   On the afternoon of May 9th, accompanied by Tianshui Municipal Committee Standing Committee, deputy mayor Wang Hongyi, deputy mayor Yan Kezong, and the relevant leaders of municipal government, the municipal bureau, and the Poverty Alleviation Office, the CRRC Group with 12 members, consisting of CMC Group Standing Committee and Executive Director Xu Zongxiang and others members came to HL for investigation. President He Kehong, Party Secretary and Deputy General Manager Zhang Yuesheng, General Manager Luo Baoping, and General Manager Assistant Wang Jingjun accompanied the investigation.

   The inspection team of CRRC Group visited HL's grinding factories. During the visit, they briefly learned about the development history, product information, current production and operation and future development plan of HL. Through this investigation, CRRC Group has a better understanding of HL, and look forward to seeking opportunities for further cooperation in the future work between CRRC and HL.

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