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The HL';;s Party Committee Organized the Voluntary Labor of Garbage Cleaning in the Triangle Welfare Area

   In view of the large amount of rubbish in the grassland, poor environment in front of Building No. 21 in the triangle neighborhood  and other problems the residents strongly reported. Recently, HL’s party committee organized the party members of the auxiliary department to carry out the voluntary labor of garbage cleaning. The environmental problems in front of the 21st building were successively rectified twice.

   On April 16th, the power department organized party members and staff to dismantle the barbed wire on the grass in front of Building 21. On the afternoon of April 18th, HL's party committee organized a total of 28 party members and cadres from 15 auxiliary departments to go deep into the triangle welfare area, and once again carried out centralized clean-up for the garbage on the grass in front of the building 21.

  During the event, the party members fully demonstrated the good spirits -- not afraid of being dirty, not afraid of suffering, not afraid of being tired, and bravely shouldering heavy burdens. Everyone is enthusiastic, proud of labor, and feel happy in labor. Some use iron shovel to remove stone bricks, some use brooms to clean the road, and some are busy carrying the residual stone pillars on the grass. Through two voluntary labors, the grass in front of Building 21 was cleaned up and the living environment was significantly improved.

 Through the implementation of voluntary labor, it not only enhances the cohesiveness of party members, but also enhances the sense of purpose of party members and cadres serving the masses and contributing to the community. Through showing the identity, establishing the image and setting an example, they have fully exerted the vanguard and exemplary role of party members and further strengthened the relationship between the party group and cadre group.

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