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The company held the 2017 annual executive appraisal meeting

   On the afternoon of December 29th 2017, the Company held the 2017 Hailin Executive Appraisal Meeting in the conference room on the second floor of the north building. There were 60 people involved in the assessment, including all investors from the largest shareholder of Tianshui Decheng business operations management center, representatives of natural persons, some middle-level employees and employee representatives. The evaluation team consists of supervisors from the board of supervisors, members from the Commission for Discipline Inspection, and human resources department. Meeting chaired by Zhang Bin, Minister of Human Resources.

  At the appraisal meeting, appraisals delegates scored on the basis of four aspects (moral character, job effects, job performance and decision-making ability) in the "Hailin Company Executives' Job Description of Democracy Assessment Form in 2017". After the assessment, Chairman He Kehong held a team meeting to inform the executives the evaluation results. This appraisal meeting is a measure for the Company to strictly and honestly manage cadres. It is the requirement of implementing the "Two Manuals." Through appraisal, it will effectively promote the democratization of the company, promote the self-discipline of party members and perform their job responsibilities better.

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