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HL Company held a “Quality Year” Summary Conference and Comprehensive Improvement Meeting

  On the morning of November 29th, HL company held “Quality Year” summary conference and comprehensive improvement meeting .All senoir executives, and top leader of all departments , some middle-level cadres and key staff from technology, quality and production departments totally one hundred and twenty people took part in the meeting. Vice general manager Zhang Yuesheng hosted the meeting.
  In the meeting, vice general manager Shi Yi made a summary report with the topic of “ Improving products quality promotes products restructuring ”. Diciplinary official Su Xiaoping reported the results of comprehensive improvement inspection. General manager Luo Baoping decalared the decision of honoring advanced individuals and departments in the third “Quality Year”.General manager Bao Guangli read the decision of China Bearing Industry Association Management Council, which is about honoring excellent papers and enterprise management achievement bearing industry during 2015 and 2016 years, honoring advanced individuals and advanced groups. He also decalared the decision of HL company about honoring the success of trial-producing high-accuracy non-adjustment bearing. Company leaders presented medals,certificates and bonus to advanced inviduals and groups.

  Finally, president Chris He made a speech. He confirmed the achievements during three-year “Quality Year”, and expressed his thanks for the staff those who made contribution and worked hard during these three years, and congratulated the prize-winners. President Chris He put foward eight opinions and requirements for how to continue to improve products quality in the later days.

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