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Training Session on Comprehensive Cost Reduction

  In response to the company's cost reduction work requirements in 2024, HL held a training meeting on broadening the ideas and methods of comprehensive cost reduction, to further improve the level of cost control, and reduce unnecessary waste of resources. Liu Xingmin gave an on-site lecture. General manager Yang Liping, , deputy general manager Yao Jinguo and the middle-level cadres and related personnel of various departments involved in the cost work attended the meeting.

  At the meeting, Liu Xingmin from two aspects of the connotation of cost, cost management principle, fully interpret the importance of cost management and concrete embodiment in the company, he analyzed the current state of cost decreasing and benefit increasing, combined with the actual situation of the company, he made an detailed explanation on three points: the cost of management and research and development, how to understand the invisible cost type, how to establish a scientific and reasonable cost reduction mechanism.
  Through this training, the participants further understood the working ideas of cost reduction and efficiency increase, and master more methods of cost reduction and efficiency increase. Finally, Liu Xingmin hoped that the cost management personnel of the company could play an active role, deeply dig the space for cost reduction, focus on the cost, revenue, profit, change the thinking, put the cost reduction and efficiency work in practice, to promote the steady development of the company.

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