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HL Company Holds a 2024 Opening Report for the Postdoctoral Workstation

  On the afternoon of April 29th, HL Company held a opening report for postdoctoral workstation, with the participation of Kang Jianxiong and Zhu Zongxiao, doctoral students from Lanzhou University of Technology, Yan Changfeng, the post-doctoral supervisor, Shi Yi and Liu Xingmin, deputy general manager of HL Company, as well as the main responsible persons of the technology research and development center, human resources department, and hub unit engineering research center.

  At the meeting, Drs. Kang Jianxiong and Zhu Zongxiao introduced the research background and significance of the topic, reported in detail on the research objectives, technical research routes, and overall implementation plans of the postdoctoral scientific research topic, and clarified the research tasks and assessment indicators during their stay in the station. They also presented two reports, "Research on Lubrication Performance and Thermal Characteristics of Tapered Roller Bearings" and "Calculation Method and Control Strategy Research of Automobile Hub Bearings."
  Tutor Yan Changfeng and the participants jointly conducted a comprehensive analysis and discussion on the research content of the proposal report, and conducted deep exchanges and discussions on the feasibility, applicability, innovation, research routes, and methods of the research topic. They also put forward relevant opinions and suggestions. Finally, the topic proposal was unanimously approved by the review team.
  Yan Changfeng mentioned in his speech that he hoped to establish a deep cooperation with HL based on production, learning, research and use, and that both parties should give full play to their respective advantages and strengths, learn from each other, share resources and exchange learning in theory and practice, and effectively implement design, research and development work.
  Shi Yi pointed out in the final summary that he hoped the incoming doctors could achieve the established goals of each stage through the post-doctoral workstation platform in strict accordance with the determined time requirements. During this period, both parties are expected to encourage each other, learn from each other, and improve their own ability level while ensuring that the project research topic continues to move forward positively. At the same time, all departments of the company should quickly sort out the "bottleneck" problems in technical research, actively seek high-tech and high value-added research projects in combination with the company's development reality, introduce more high-level postdoctoral researchers to provide strong support for the company's scientific research achievements transformation, and fully leverage the positive role of the postdoctoral scientific research workstation in scientific research innovation, talent introduction and cultivation.

  After the meeting, the scientific research doctors visited the company's bearing and hub unit production line on the spot.

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