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HL Organized a Handicrafts DIY Activity

  For the purpose of enriching the cultural life of employees, and at the same time, to allow employees to relax and enhance mutual friendship after their busy work. On April 10th p.m., HL organized a handicrafts DIY activity.
  At the activity site, all participants selected and handmade works according to their own preferences, including kites, digital oil paintings, texture paintings, moon-shaped fan, and twisted flowers. 
  During the handmade process, everyone carefully and patiently creates their own works. The members who made twisted flowers watched a video tutorial on making flowers. They learned and made them according to the materials and making steps. In a short while, beautiful and colorful flowers were made one by one. Some male employees joined the twisted flower group, twisted out of the unique and creative bouquet.
  Kite coloring is multifarious. And the employees who participated in making texture paintings, digital oil paintings, and moon-shaped fan, also used their imagination to quietly create abstract Picasso's works, and the scene is filled with laughter and joy.

  After more than two hours, many handmade works finished. The event ended in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere.

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