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HL Won the Title of "Advanced Enterprise for Stable Industrial Growth"

  On April 2nd a.m., at the Tianshui City Strong Industry and Strong Technology Action Promotion Conference(the High Quality Development Conference of Private Economy), HL was awarded the title of "Advanced Enterprise for Stable Industrial Growth" .
  In 2023, with the strong support of Tianshui city, HL Company closely concentrated on the annual business goals, with a focus on promoting new products and increasing market share externally, making every effort to expand the market; and reduce internal costs, stabilize quality, strengthen the team, and continuously improve management level. Through the unremitting efforts of all cadres and employees, the main business indicators have remained stable and improved compared to the previous year, and the business situation is actively improving.

  This honor is a high praise for HL Company, and also a full recognition of the company's positive contributions in promoting local economic construction. HL Company will seize this opportunity, cherish the honor, continue to work hard, accelerate market expansion, strengthen technological innovation, make every effort to stabilize production and increase production, effectively improve business quality, and strive to make greater contributions to the economic and social development of the city.

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